Project 1. PI: Myron Hinsdale; Collaborators: Lin Liu and Pamela Lloyd
Project 1 will examine influences of the extracellular matrix on adult stem cell function in organ homeostasis and specifically how these cells can augment post injury organ repair and regeneration.
Project 2. PI: Gerwald Koehler
Project 2 will study the interaction of the intestinal microbiota with adult stem cells in the mammalian intestine.
Project 3. PI: Lin Liu, Collaborators: Myron Hinsdale and Pamela Lloyd
Project 3 will test whether lung cells differentiated from induced pluripotent stem cells can be used for the  therapy of COPD.
Project 4. PI: Pamela Lloyd, Collaborators: Myron Hinsdale and Lin Liu
Project 4 will determine whether mesenchymal stem cells can improve function of endothelial cells that have been damaged by exposure to cigerette smoke.
Project 5. PI: Sundar Madihally
Project 5 will investigate new biomaterials for delivery of autologous adipocyte stem cells for cardiac patch regeneration.
Project 6. PI: Kenneth E. Miller
Project 6 will study the stem cell proteins and amino acids in glial cells and purify the glial stem cells after spinal cord injury.
Project 7. PI: Ashish Ranjan
 Project 7 will utilize high intensity focused ultrasound to enhance  targeting of stem cells in the organ of interest.
Project 8. PI: Lobat Tayebi
Project 8 will employ electrical conductive bioactive glass scaffolds to enhance mesenchymal stem cell bone healing process through the local delivery of external electrical stimuli.
Project 9. PI: Yolanda Vasquez
Project 9 will investigate how microenvironment affects the morphology of human mesenchymal stem cells and thus linage commitment of stem cells.